Our Impact with Bravu

Bravu is on a mission to change peoples mindset and make them think more positive and recognize the good that is happening in our day-to-day lives. May your day be filled by the awesome and inspiring stories of all those around the world as we try to make this world a more positive and happier place for all.

Bravu in Education

Students at all levels are using Bravu to document their achievements on the educational front. It's never easy studying day and night to pass an exam. All those shots of coffee and who knows what else just to make it through the semester. Hit the book, pass those exams, get those degrees and share it on Bravu using the hashtag #BravuSmarts

Bravu at Work

Too many times people fall into the routine life and become a robot, appreciating and feeling unappreciated less and less as the days go by. Feeling like your slowly draining away, low energy, boss never thanks you for staying the extra hours, for doing a kickass presentation, or holding the boat afloat when times are tough. We want to be positive at work; share those stories of accomplishments and hard work; or even if you have one of those awesome managers that wants the best for you, give them a shout out and use this hash tag to share those moment #BravuWorks

Bravu & Social

This is life, we live it once. Be positive, be caring, say nice things, help others, and have fun. Share those positive and inspirational moments in life. Tell us about your goals or a new skill you learned; tell us why today is a good day #BravuInspire