About Bravu

Our Story

It's pretty simple. We realized that we live in a world that's bogged down by the chaos of everyday life, and negativity seems to be wide spread. People no longer feel appreciated at work; friends usually do more harm than good now-a-days; and news outlets and social media platforms are constantly reminding us of what is wrong with this world...

Though there is a lot that is wrong in this world, I think we can agree there is also a lot that is right. All the positivity and hard work that people do daily seems to go unnoticed, and that is when i decided to create Bravu; a platform build on capturing those positive and inspiring moments in life and giving a to Shout Out to hard work and effort.

Regardless of where you are on the globe, we can all use a bit more positive reinforcement in our daily lives. It's time we start recognizing and celebrating the day-to-day wins in life; because they matter!

Meet the Family


Sammy is a student who is consumed in the world of digital media. Living through a lens as many others do now a days. He's on all the latest platforms, "sharing" and "liking" things he feels strongly about, and posting angry faces at things he doesn't like. But one day he realized, what difference is his social presence actually making? He wondered...he can no longer live life through the eyes of others, he must go and see for himself all the great things this world has to offer. He read a quote one day that said, "To make the world a better place, your daily goal should be to put a smile on someone else's face. One smile at a time, we can make the whole world smile". He bought a one way ticket and boarded his flight. Follow Sammy's adventure with #BravuInspire


Cherie is a successful entrepreneur and the author of many titles. In her early career she worked in the corporate world overseeing multiple departments of a high tech company. After realizing she was not happy with her situation, a job that drained her soul and was not appreciated for her contribution to the growth of the company, she decided to quit and venture off on her own. Traveling alongside different organizations across the world in hopes of helping all those who need a helping hand. Trying to put a smile on all the faces she encounters, she has decided to share her adventures with us in hopes it will inspire more of us to do the same. Real happiness and contentment of the heart comes by helping others Cherie says; follow her on #BravuInspire


Snappy is a peach. Ever since he remembers he's been working, and working hard. He has good days, and some not so great. Snappy goes above and beyond at work but feels unappreciated for what he does. He comes in early, and stays late to make sure everything is going smoothly in the office. He feels a bit stuck in his position but has been doing some thinking. Check out updates from Snappy and see what his next career decision is. #BravuWorks


Rollie and Sammy have been friends a long time. When Rollie heard Sammy dropped his media platforms to go on a quest to find real happiness and have a real impact by doing good in this world while helping others, he turned off his platforms as well and bought a one way ticket also. Rollie wants to surprise Sammy so he is rolling his way to the airport, If he doesn't hurry though he might just miss his flight with Sammy...Roll Rollie Roll! #BravuWorks


Every day, Flappy decides to fly across the world and see what great and inspirational things people are doing. Flappy is such a happy bird, soaring the winds of the Scandinavian skies, flying low over the clear and crystal Mediterranean ocean, and sometimes taking a quick turn over the prestigious Amazon. Full of energy, Flappy decided to document and share his travels for all to see; he loves to give shout outs when he notices these moments in action. Stay tuned in for updates with Flappy. #BravuInspire